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The Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to be able to showcase to visitors the many natural assets this area offers, specifically when it comes to crew teams. Having offered crew teams and coaches the ability to have their spring training at this location for more than ten years; we have gotten some great feedback from coaches that have been very positive. Some of traits that make this area so agreeable to visiting crew teams are:

  • Two Low profile, sixty foot launching dock
  • Two 2000 meter race courses, 6 lane & 3 lanes
  • Mild weather allowing year round training
  • Competitive hotel rates
  • Inexpensive dining on Clemson University's campus (allows for a variety of food in buffet style dining for refueling during training)
  • Ease of walking negates the need for back and forth trips for the motor coach throughout the town of Clemson (many athletes walk/jog to the launching facility from their hotel, then walk to the CU campus for lunch)
  • Endless arms and areas on Lake Hartwell for teams to train without running into other visiting teams

Rowing Crew Photo3The current launching area offers teams the ability to use a 60 foot, low profile launching dock. The immediate area surrounding the dock also provides teams the ability to train on one of two 2000 meter, race courses. Clemson University's varsity crew team graciously allows visiting teams to use their six lane 2000 meter race course during their time on the water. Working around Clemson's varsity teams practice schedule and keeping lines of communication open between visiting teams helps keep all parties agreeable to the shared usage. The Chamber of Commerce owns and operates the three lane 2000 meter race course available to all visiting teams at all times of the day. It truly is a win win for everyone involved.

For those of us who call this area 'home', we all have our own reasons we love to show off Clemson and the surrounding area: the true southern hospitality, the plentiful pockets of natural geographic beauty, the miles and miles of lakes, the unique university where the Tiger roars, or our rich history. But, the coaches who have visited and trained here have their own reason:

  • "The hotels, people, dining hall are all very accommodating and that is really key when we are travelling with 40+ people."
  • "I think our trips to Clemson have been great.  That is why we keep coming back year after year "
  • "In the past I think the number (of athletes) during our week has been somewhere around 300-350 rough guess and that is quite manageable as the teams there have always worked well together to get our water time in."
  • "For some workouts you just need space on the lake.  However, one of the big draws of Clemson (at least for me) is that you can get some time practicing on a race course...which is what we have to be used to for our racing."
  • "There is plenty of water for a lot of crews on the lake at one time. Courtesy is the key."

And, we are all very excited to be able to add one more item to our list: a great training area for crew teams and rowers of all ages.

2015 Rowing Forms Packet

Please make sure to fill out all paperwork within the forms packet, including: Rules and Agreement, Reservation Form, Constant and Release from Liability (with crew roster attached), and Facilities Use Agreement.